2 thoughts on “MTV’s Fall Lineup Features Travel Nursing Reality Show

  1. So disappointed to hear #MTV is airing a new show this fall called #nursenation or? #scrubbingin about travel nurses and their “work hard play hard” life “at its best” as the commercial aired they say “we are going alittle crazy tonight but you would too if you had a day like we did” How dare reality tv take such a genuine career choice and proceed to generalize it into a partying type career in o…ur spare time. It’s insulting. It turns my stomach to even see these nurses creating assumptions for the general public that us nurses need to party to get the pressures if this job off our shoulders. Yes, our jobs can be difficult and sometimes more so than some other occupations, but for goodness sake, you should be ashamed of yourself as a nurse to make any patient feel like they are a hindrance to your life. You may have a hard day, something’s we deal with are heartbreaking, but at the end of the day I GET TO GO HOME! I am not the cancer patient who can’t stop vomiting, or the parents waiting next to their baby’s incubator, or the new widow making arrangements w the morgue, or the young mother w a new diagnosis of breast cancer. My career enables God to remind me of the endless blessings in my life day after day. I am proud of my profession. I wouldn’t desire to do anything else. I pray that MTV isn’t able to do what it is absolutely best at; demeaning and magnifying the shameful generation that is being created today. Nurses please stay aware and stand up for the amazing job we do. Patients please do not ever feel that you do not have the right to your health, your dignity, and your pain (physical, emotional and spiritual)to be managed to the best of us healthcare providers’ ability.

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