Those who join the Fusion Medical team find an environment unlike any other. That’s why we offer one of the best benefit packages in the industry. These are just a few of the perks our employees receive:

  • Housing

    Our housing division will assess your specific housing needs and tailor your compensation package accordingly. Fully furnished apartment or weekly housing allowance options available.

  • Travel Reimbursement

    A travelling stipend reimbursement is provided to help cover the costs of travelling to and from your assignment.

  • 24×7 Access

    Our customer support team is dedicated to helping you no matter what time of day. If you have a favorite Fusion Medical Account Manager, you can keep them for every assignment.

  • Competitive Compensation

    Our goal is to make every travel assignment financially unique to you, with compensation packages that are the most competitive in the industry.

  • Per Diem

    You may qualify for a weekly tax free per diem to help cover costs associated with meals, transportation and any other expenses you may incur.

  • Direct Deposit

    We provide a weekly direct deposit of your paychecks to an account of your choosing.

  • 401 K

    Invest in your future with our 401K matching program with Edward Jones.

  • Insurance

    Fusion Medical provides full health insurance through Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Full dental, vision, disability, liability and workers comp are included as well.

  • Certification Reimbursement

    Fusion Medical will fully reimburse you for your state licenses and certifications.