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Make a Difference as a Travel Medical Assistant

When you're a medical assistant, no two days are the same. You're a versatile healthcare professional who performs a range of clinical and administrative tasks in various healthcare settings. Now add in travel to that, and you have the opportunity to live a truly exciting and diverse life.

What do medical assistants do?

Medical assistants are responsible for completing administrative and clinical tasks in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other medical facilities. This includes taking patients’ vital signs, entering patient data into the computer, providing treatment, and assisting in surgery. Medical assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. The duties can vary with the location, specialty, and size of the practice.

Typical Registered Medical Assistant Job Responsibilities:

  • Assist healthcare professionals with patient examinations, take patient histories, conduct initial intake interviews, and prepare patients for procedures
  • Perform basic clinical duties such as taking vital signs, administering vaccinations, drawing blood, or performing simple laboratory tests
  • Record patient information and keep patient records up-to-date, ensuring data accuracy and confidentiality
  • Schedule patient appointments and may arrange hospital admissions or laboratory services
  • Act as a liaison between the doctor and the patients, answering patient's clinical inquiries, and providing them with pertinent health information
  • May perform administrative duties like answering phones, filing patient medical records, and managing billing and bookkeeping

Choose where you go

With opportunities for travelers all over the country, we’ve selected areas with the most popular medical traveling jobs to help you find your best fit.

Advantages & Perks for Traveling Medical Assistant Jobs

fusion medical staffing perk experience
Competitive pay
Travel medical assistants are needed everywhere. Compensation packages for traveling therapists give you the freedom to live in and explore you environment.
fusion medical staffing perk experience
Per diem
When you become a travel medical assistant, we give you a weekly, tax-free per diem to help cover daily expenses, like transportation and meals.
fusion medical staffing perk experience
State licenses and certification costs are paid for because we want you to be a qualified rockstar!
fusion medical staffing perk experience
Travel life
When you’re a medical traveler you get to live the best of your travel and work lives, together! Plus, you’ll gain valuable life experience along the way.

Medical Traveler Compliance & Licensure

Being a travel medical assistant can help you achieve the career you’ve always wanted, but what if your dream job is asking for certifications you don’t have? Fusion can help you with that! We can help you find training, licensing, and certifications to help you take your career forward, and financial assistance to help you get there.

Degrees and Certifications

Licenses and certifications can leave you scratching your head when you should be stoked about traveling. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting into. Since degrees and certifications depend on your modality and specialty, Fusion’s compliance experts work with your recruiter and the facility to make sure that you have all relevant credentials required for our traveling medical assistant jobs.

Compliance Requirements

Some of your compliance requirements are the same across the board, but there are others that will depend on your specialty.

The three parts of compliance

  • Occupational health records: Required immunizations and health examinations
  • Documentation: Tax forms, insurance paperwork, and licenses
  • Testing: Certifications, online training, and workplace safety exams


How much do traveling medical assistant jobs pay?

The salary of a medical assistant can vary depending on the experience and location they are working in. The median annual salary for a medical assistant was $36,930 per year or $17.75 per hour in 2020 with most earning between $30,360 and $41,280 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Entry-level medical assistants or those with the lowest 10% salary earned around $26,930, while the highest 10% earned more than $50,580. Typically, a travel medical assistant job will provide higher hourly and weekly pay than permanent positions in the same location.

How do you become a certified medical assistant?

Many aspiring medical assistants complete a postsecondary education program. A medical assistant program is usually available at community colleges, vocational schools, technical schools, and universities and typically take about 1 year to complete. These programs often result in a medical assistant diploma or certificate. Some community colleges offer 2-year programs that culminate in an associate’s degree. All programs have classroom and laboratory portions that include lessons in anatomy and medical terminology.

While not always required, medical assistant certification can enhance job prospects. Some states may require medical assistants to pass an exam or complete a formal education program to become certified.

Where does a traveling medical assistant work?

Medical assistants are employed across a variety of healthcare settings. They are most commonly found in clinics and doctors' offices, where they assist physicians and ensure smooth office operations. Hospitals, both public and private, also employ medical assistants in different departments like emergency, pediatrics, or geriatrics. Additionally, they are found in other healthcare facilities such as the out patient clinical setting, nursing homes, and even chiropractic offices.

Will taking a travel job help my career?

Taking travel jobs is beneficial because it exposes you to different regional procedures and patient populations, provides the opportunity to explore new specialties, and helps you gain experience learning a new clinical environment quickly.

Do travel jobs offer benefits?

Fusion offers three Medical plans to choose from, one PPO plan and two High Deductible Plans, as well as Dental, Vision, Basic Life, and Short-Term Disability. If traveling to the state of Hawaii, Hawaii has its own mandated coverage and you will be offered that coverage at that time. If you were previously on the BCBS Nebraska Medical coverage and/or the Ameritas Dental and Vision, this coverage will be terminated when moving to Hawaii for an assignment.

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