LTC RN's, LPN's, and CNA's are ground-zero Gotham for patient care. As an LPN, you’re like Batman, swooping in to make your patients safe and fighting for their top-quality care. As a CNA, you’re the support system—like Alfred, you sweat the small stuff to make sure everyone puts their best foot forward. Keep on livin’ another day, looking for that bat beacon in the sky.


I remember when I was growing up, I had a passion for helping people. I always knew I'd end up doing something in the medical field. I have more than five years experience in the CNA field. The day I called Fusion Medical Staffing and inquired about a travel CNA job, I spoke with Matt Waters. We had a long talk about CNA travel, and I automatically knew I would soon be on a awesome and amazing journey. I remember telling Matt that I was ready to head out ASAP, and I knew I was the right fit for this type of work. We got stuff rolling, and I got assigned to a wonderful recruiter named Becca Jacobs. She is very outgoing, helpful, and caring. This was my first travel assignment, so I was kind of nervous, but everyone I spoke with at Fusion really made me feel good about this journey I was about to set out on. I was happy and excited that I was offered a 26-week-long contract. So far this journey has been amazing, and it is very joyful meeting new people, building friendships, discovering new places, doing new things, and building memories that will last a lifetime. Knowing that I'm making a difference in other peoples’ lives makes me feel good. Remember to enjoy the small things in life and always remember that days can get hard and lonely, but in the end you can look back on your journey.

Tyler F.



How does the pay work?

You will be paid a taxable hourly rate and then given a tax-free stipend for food and housing. Typically, nurses will take around $20 per hour taxable to maximize those stipends, but we are able to mix and match pay a number of different ways. Pay packages will always look different depending on the area you are working.

Why should I choose Fusion over other travel companies?

We like to let our travelers and reputation speak for us. We strive to give the ultimate long-term experience and not just “sell” you on a job. We want you to be part of the family for the long haul. We are transparent and committed to our travelers.

What do I do if I don’t like it at my new assignment?

Being a traveler isn’t just an adventure, it is also a commitment. Just like any job you apply for or contract you sign, you are committing your time. Fortunately, three months goes by pretty quickly. We will always discuss the details of the job prior to even submitting your profile.

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