At Fusion Medical we staff healthcare delivery organizations and provide opportunities to healthcare professionals in Allied and Therapy Staffing, Lab, and Travel Nursing. If you’re ready to work with us, we’re ready to work with you!

USA X-Men comic book cover postage stamp You need the best? We’ve got the best. When it comes to Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists, we’ve fully vetted the elite team you’re looking for. Think Special Ops or The Avengers or the X Men but with in depth medical knowledge (and still totally wearing the costumes). Contact our recruiters and client service reps and assemble your avengers today!

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3046868836_d56b03020eWe’ve created the best lab team possible – the Navy Seals of lab teams, if you will. Our Med Techs and Phlebotomists would put the NASA lab to shame. Does NASA have an elite lab unit so highly trained their process is akin to top secret black ops style analysis? DIDN’T THINK SO. Contact Fusion for your lab needs ASAP!

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iStock_000000450853SmallTravel Nursing sounds so glamorous doesn’t it? Like Charlie’s Angels or James Bond or supersonic jet fighting, right? Well it totally is! And Fusion’s got you covered with Travel Nurses specializing in ER work, ICU, Med Surg and a NEED – A NEED FOR SPEED. We should really just rename the travel nursing division “Top Gun” but I guess the military frowns on that kind of thing. Let Fusion recruit your Maverick, Goose, Iceman or Charlie nurse right away!

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We place physicians who have the fervor of Dr. Campbell in “Medicine Man” and the smarts of Doogie Howser (except we’ll make sure they’re old enough to vote AND prescribe drugs). OK, now that we have that out of our of our system: we promise to never bring up fictitious physicians from TV shows and movies again. Contact our recruiters to find that perfect physician today.

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Our experienced Cath Lab Division is dedicated to finding the very best RNs and RTs who specialize in Cath Lab, Interventional Radiology and EP. We find the Lisa Simpsons of the Cath Lab world, highly intelligent and totally lovable. Which is always a plus in the lab for hearts. Contact the Cath Lab Division to find your next Lisa.

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With Fusion Managed Services we can streamline your staffing process by managing your usage and minimize costs for you. Managed Services also gives you ongoing analysis for vendor performance and one source for communication. So simple, and so cohesive. Contact us to schedule a free assessment and learn more about Fusion Managed Services.

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