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Fusion Workforce Solutions improves the way you acquire staff. As a leading managed services provider, we help source and manage facilities' short-term staffing needs through one contact. Our team helps you cut unnecessary spending, consolidate agency usage, and manage everything under one roof, so you can focus on providing the highest level of care.

The Fusion Workforce Solutions team partners with healthcare facilities nationwide to gain back control of the agency staffing process through relationships, technology, and reporting. In the business of caring for people, time is everything.

Our team is set up for speed because we know when you need caregivers, you need them now.

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Workforce Solutions

Let Workforce Solutions handle:

  • Analyzing your current agency needs
  • Evaluating how you can benefit from our process
  • Customizing your support with one simplified solution
  • Sourcing remarkable healthcare professionals
  • Mitigating risk
  • Managing it all from start to finish

Simply put: Fusion Workforce Solutions is a facility's best friend in the age of staffing shortages.

The average healthcare organization spends over half its revenues on staffing, and managing it can quickly consume your time and energy. The shortage of qualified, caring clinicians is one of the greatest challenges facing the healthcare industry today — we are part of the solution.

Fusion Workforce Solutions reduces cumbersome and expensive redundancies, helps consolidate multiple contracts, and provides a dedicated account manager to ensure the right people are in the right job at the right time.

More resources, more money, more time

Workforce Solutions offers a long list of benefits that help you onboard new employees with ease. Better onboarding means a better-staffed facility - and when your facility has the best of the best, that's something to brag about.

The benefits of Fusion Workforce Solutions:
Dedicated, experienced team
Dedicated, experienced team
Clinical expertise
Clinical expertise
Exclusive access to a growing network
Exclusive access to a growing network
Saves time and money
Saves time and money
Lower turnover rate
Lower turnover rate
One simplified solution
One simplified solution
Simple streamlined staffing

Lean on a reliable full-service staffing
partner to experience a better way of onboarding.

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