COVID-19 Workplace Safety Solutions

Workplace Safety Solutions

Your COVID-19 Screening Professionals

Want to get your employees back to work safely? Let us handle the screening, so you can keep your employees and customers safe, while focusing on your business. Our healthcare professionals can help you maintain a healthy work environment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic or implement additional safety measures to keep your daily operations safe for everyone. We provide qualified staff for on-site healthcare professionals and certified temperature screeners.

Keeping your work force safe during uncertain times

Temperature Checks - Qualified staff ensure all employees receive a temperature screening upon entering the workplace each day. This helps reduce viral spread and confirms sick employees are treated or quarantined early on.

COVID-19 Testing - Whether an employee has a high temperature, or you'd like to screen all employees prior to resuming business, we can assist in administering COVID-19 tests to ensure safety in the workplace.

Diagnosis - Get the answers you need to create a better work environment for your employees. We can provide qualified staff for diagnoses regarding COVID tests, so employees can get back to work confidently.

On-Site Clinic Support - We'll give you the resources your need to staff your on-site clinic and provide a safe place for employees and customers to visit for swabbing, temperature checks, and answers.

Let us know what type of COVID-19 workplace safety solution you're looking for, and we'll send you the right people for the job. Just fill out the form to the right.

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