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Why would you settle for any old job? Fusion believes in authenticity, integrity, determination, and a positive attitude to help you grow into a truly great career here.

You bring: Your motivation A-game.

We give you: A great place to work.

You want to do great things. We do too! Let’s do them together.

Yeah, we’re looking at you. We want to work with cool people who are passionate about their careers. Do you fit the bill? Give us a holler.

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December 2015 literally changed my life!! I became a Fusion employee and joined one heck of a team in the Laboratory. To say I love my career and all of my travelers would be an understatement. My mind is blown each and every day I walk in these doors by the culture, all the smiling faces, and just overall who we are as a company!

Jessica Thieschafer

Laboratory Account Manager

Work hard, play hard! If I’m not at my desk working, I’ll be at the gym. I am so thankful for the healthy culture we have at Fusion. Our amenities — gym/equipment, fitness classes, wellness challenges, and of course the wellness fridge! Healthy = happy and more focused. It’s a thriving atmosphere to be a part of.

Abby Grandgenett

Nurse Recruiter

Starting out as a Front Desk Manager, I was able to meet everyone in the company, which helped me feel more welcome as a newbie. I wanted to be a recruiter from the get-go, and I am happy that I was given the opportunity to move roles. Since joining the Nursing team, I have learned what teamwork is all about. I honestly think that Fusion cares about their employees like a family. I have learned so much, and I try and utilize it every day!

Raelyn Merryweather

Nurse Recruiter

I found out about Fusion from my friend John that was working here. The way he talked about Fusion, I thought he had joined a cult or he was drinking some special Kool-Aid. As soon as I got here, I completely understood why he was so happy and passionate about his job. Now when I talk about Fusion, everyone looks at me like I’m on the Kool-Aid!

Chris Sund

Nurse Client Manager

The culture here is top-notch. Everyone truly cares for you and is willing to lend a hand at any time. Working for Fusion is the best decision I could have made. I was nervous after working at a job for 16 years, but this place is truly amazing!

Carrie Ausdemore

Nurse Recruiter

All of the perks

Wellness fridge

Totally free, healthy food all day, every day

Wellness dollars

$100/year reimbursement for wellness items and activities

Gym/yoga studio

Free daily fitness classes with a full-time trainer


Convenient, onsite practitioners to aid in your wellness

Volunteer hours

16 hours of PTO each year for nonprofit and community outreach

Compassion groups

Help causes in the community during work hours

Catered lunches

Monthly company lunches from area restaurants

Company events

Holiday parties and outings for you and your family

Awards and Recognition

Best Places to Work Omaha

4x in a row
2014 - 2017

Best of Omaha

3x in a row
2015 - 2017

Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures

3x in a row
2015 - 2017

SIA Best Staffing Company to Temp for

3x in a row
2015 - 2017

SIA Best Staffing Company to Work for

2x in a row
2015 and 2016

Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

2x in a row
2015 and 2016

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