Traveling Radiology Jobs

Make a difference as a traveling radiology professional

Imagine a fulfilling and dynamic career that combines your radiology expertise with the excitement of adventure. That’s what it’s like to be a traveling radiology professional. Interested? 

Being a traveling radiology professional isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle that merges your love for patient care, technology, and healthcare with the thrill of exploring new places. Not only can you look forward to working in diverse facilities across the country, but you can also anticipate refining your skills, working with different radiology tech, and growing both personally and professionally. Pack your bags, buckle in for the ride, and let the entire travel journey be your next big exploration!

Interested in traveling as a radiology professional? Browse travel radiology jobs at outstanding facilities across the country and find your fit.

What are traveling radiology professionals?

Traveling radiology professionals work in facilities across the country, from city hospitals to outpatient clinics. Typically, travel radiology jobs last for around 13 weeks, creating a perfect harmony between adventure and stability.        

Radiology professionals are like the detectives of the medical world. While practicing radiation protection techniques to minimize potential hazardous effects, radiology professionals complete imaging procedures and imaging scans using radiology tech like X-rays, MRI scans, and CT scans to capture interior images of patients. These imaging scans bring clarity to medical conditions to provide essential information that guides patient treatment decisions.  

    Choose where you go

    With opportunities for travelers all over the country, we’ve selected areas with the most popular medical traveling jobs to help you find your best fit.

    Advantages & perks for traveling radiology jobs

    fusion medical staffing perk experience
    Competitive pay
    Radiology travelers are wanted all over the country. With pay transparency, you can see your travel radiology pay package upfront before you even apply.  
    fusion medical staffing perk experience
    A travel radiology career means you qualify for a weekly, tax-free stipend to help cover housing, transportation, meals, and other expenses.  
    fusion medical staffing perk experience
    Don’t let the cost of licenses and certifications stop you from following your dreams. When you become a traveling radiology professional, like a radiology technologist, you can get your state licenses and certifications fully reimbursed by Fusion Medical Staffing.  
    fusion medical staffing perk experience
    Explore the U.S. 
    From lively city vibes to the peaceful countryside, working travel jobs allow you to experience all the U.S. has to offer and build a rewarding life. Healthcare travel is more than a job, it’s a journey of adventure, making memories, and bringing your skills to different corners of the country.  

    Medical traveler compliance & licensure 

    Working travel radiology jobs is an exciting way for you to grow your experience, but what if your dream travel assignment is asking for certifications that you don’t have? Lucky for you, you have a team of experts helping you every step of the way. We’re here to help ensure you have the training you need and the financial assistance to cover the cost of licensing and certifications.   

    Licenses & certifications  

    Licensing and certification can be confusing. It’s hard enough keeping up with the requirements of your home state, but now you have to get compliant for places you’ve never been. Work with your recruiter, compliance experts, clinical liaisons, and facility to double-check you have all relevant credentials required for all travel jobs.   

    Compliance requirements 

    Compliance requirements for traveling healthcare professionals are essential checks to make sure your important information is up to date. Some of your compliance requirements are the same across the board, but there are others that will depend on your specialty.  

    The three parts of compliance:  

    • Occupational health records: required immunizations and health examinations  
    • Documentation: tax forms, insurance paperwork, and licenses  
    • Testing: certifications, online trainings, and workplace safety exams  


    How long is a typical travel job assignment?  

    Most travel radiology tech jobs last around 13 weeks (about 3 months). This timeframe allows you to dive into the rhythm of a new place, make an impact, and move on to another city. Alternatively, if you love your placement, there’s always the possibility of extending your travel job even longer.

    How much experience do I need to travel in radiology?

    If you’re a radiology tech or radiology technologist, ultrasound tech, X-ray tech, radiation therapist, nuclear medicine tech, medical physicist, CT tech, MRI tech, or any other position in this field that practices radiation protection techniques, you’ll need to first collect experience before you can travel. To officially change your job title to “radiology traveler,” you must have at least 12 months of combined total experience within your specific modality within the last three years.

    How does travel radiology professional pay work? 

    Travel radiology pay can be confusing, so we’re here to break it down. How much you make exactly as a radiology technologist or other radiology professional depends on your level and field and field of expertise, the location you want to work in, the healthcare staffing agency you work with, and the hospital or healthcare facility you work in. Made up of an hourly wage, housing stipend, and travel reimbursements, your competitive salary goes beyond a weekly paycheck.

    The main portion of traveler pay packages is the hourly rate, which encompasses a bill rate (what agencies can charge a hospital for your services) and a pay rate (what you pocket per hour).

    In addition to your hourly wage, you may also receive an optional tax-free housing stipend that covers the cost of temporary accommodation. If you opt for this perk, you’ll receive a predetermined allowance for housing every week. If you don’t want to find your own accommodations, you can work with our housing department, and they’ll get you all set up with move-in ready housing.

    Finally, healthcare travelers are entitled to reimbursement for select travel expenses, like mileage or continued education fees.  

    Do radiology travelers receive benefits like health insurance?  

    Whether you receive all the benefits like health insurance depends on the staffing agency you’re working with. At Fusion Medical Staffing, our travelers have the choice between several comprehensive health insurance packages, as well as dental insurance, eye insurance, worker’s comp insurance, professional liability insurance, 401(K) retirement savings plan investment and matching, short-term disability, and more.  

    Can I travel with my family or pets? 

    Yes! Healthcare travel doesn’t have to be a solo mission — it can be a family adventure including your spouse, partner, kids, and pets.   

    Your loved ones are a critical part of your life, so if you decide to bring a plus one (or two or three or four) on your travel job, we’re here to help. From finding pet-friendly housing or researching accommodations with enough room for your whole family, your Fusion Medical Staffing recruiter is here for you.   

    Why should I choose to travel with Fusion Medical Staffing? 

    We’re not your average healthcare staffing agency, we’re a ✨cool ✨ healthcare staffing agency. Aside from an array of exciting job opportunities and killer benefits, you’ll get personalized attention with dedicated clinical support, certification and continued education reimbursement, and the freedom to control your own career when you travel with us. We’re not just about finding you a job, but rather curating an experience that fits your vibe and lifestyle.    

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