Take a picture, it’ll last longer, am I right? As an imaging professional, you’re the behind-the-scenes photo fame of the medical world. So, go on… complete that scan! You’ve got that x-ray vision! Superman has it too, but we prefer our awesome imaging professionals on the ground helping others, instead of in the sky.


What are the benefits of traveling?

Individuals have so many reasons for making the decision that traveling is the right choice for them. Some of the most common reasons we hear is that they get to see the country while being paid to work and potentially it’s to parts they might not ever get to if it wasn’t for the job. Travelers typically have very competitive compensation when compared to traditional full-time positions. They also speak about broadening their knowledge and experience within the profession which helps them long term with their career.

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What is the interview process like?

Most commonly it is all over the phone because of time constraints and cost to the facility for bringing people in to meet face-to-face. We try to get as much information as possible on the position and environment so you know what you are stepping into. The phone interview is a great time to get any additional details that you might have so that you can be confident and comfortable with the job should it be the right fit for you.

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