Travel nursing sounds like a superhero job — like Charlie’s Angels, James Bond, or supersonic jet fighting. As a travel nurse, you specialize in ER work, ICU, and Med Surg. Plus, you have a need — A NEED FOR SPEED. We should just rename the travel nursing division “Top Gun” — but I guess the military frowns on that kind of thing. Are you a Maverick, Goose, Iceman, or Charlie?


I have been a travel nurse on and off since 1996; this last go around for seven years. Fusion Medical Staffing and their fabulous staff makes my life so much easier. My recruiter, Jessica Franson, is awesome. No words can describe how much she does for me. There is a great behind-the-scene staff also. I'm learning new things everywhere I go, from Level 1 Trauma Centers to very small community hospitals. Diversity makes my job new and exciting with each contract. Traveling gives me more job flexibility. to explore new cities and meet great people.

Kim Zerkle
Kimberly Z.



How does the pay work?

You will be paid a taxable hourly rate and then given a tax-free stipend for food and housing. Typically, RN's will take around $20 per hour taxable to maximize those stipends, but we are able to mix and match pay a number of different ways. Pay packages will always look different depending on the area you are working.

Why should I choose Fusion over other travel companies?

We like to let our travelers and reputation speak for us. We strive to give the ultimate long-term experience and not just “sell” you on a job. We want you to be part of the family for the long haul. We are transparent and committed to our travelers.

Can I work in my local area?

You can work in your local area; however, there are rules that apply. Most hospitals will have radius restrictions that won’t allow local travelers to apply there. There are also per diem guidelines that go into place. Local travel positions can be really hard to find, so if you are looking on staying within an hour radius, a PRN option might be the best fit for you, but make sure you reach out to a recruiter for more specifics.

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