When you’re on an assignment, you want to work and explore your new city without worrying about your benefits. And because you’re an important part of the healthcare industry, Fusion is here to make sure you have the coverage you deserve. When you’re a Fusion traveler, you can focus on your job and getting good at snapping selfies on your adventures.

Competitive compensation

We offer competitive compensation packages that are financially unique to you.

Per diem

Qualify for a weekly, tax-free per diem to help cover transportation, meals, and other expenses.

Direct deposit

Deposited weekly, your money goes straight where you want it.


We want you to invest in your future, so we provide a 401K matching program.

Professional liability insurance

If someone is injured on your watch, we offer liability insurance.

Certification reimbursement

Get your state licenses and certifications on our dime.

Dental & vision insurance

Stay healthy and cover all your bases with full dental and vision insurance.

Short-term disability

If you get sick or injured and are unable to work, we offer short-term disability.

Health insurance

Stay healthy and on top of your wellness with full health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Worker’s comp insurance

If you’re injured on the job, get covered with worker’s comp insurance.

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