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You know all about how to put your patients first, but are you ready to put your travel life at the forefront too? When you work as a home health nurse, you have that special something that allows you to not only care for others but earn your patients' trust. So much so, that they welcome you into their most intimate setting - their homes.

Taking on a new challenge and position as a medical traveler puts you in the driver's seat of your career. You can do the job you love while being fully in charge of where you go and the experiences you encounter.

Take control of your future and discover a meaningful and fulfilling career as a home health travel nurse.

Home Health RN Travel Locations

With upfront pay and job transparency, your next health nursing assignment is yours for the taking. You get you to choose your job, pay and destination. No secrets, no catches. Browse Nursing Home Health travel jobs today and seriously choose your adventure.

Advantages & Perks for Home Health Travel Nurse Jobs and Hospice Travel Nurse Jobs

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Competitive Pay

The world needs more hospice travel nurses and nurses working in home health. Your career has value, so we reward you with great incentives and extras.

fusion medical staffing perk experience
Per Diem

Compensation packages for travelers are competitive and financially unique to fit your travel lifestyle. Did we mention that you’ll know your compensation upfront, before you apply?

fusion medical staffing perk experience

Getting new certifications can add up. Your state licenses, home health certifications and hospice certifications are eligible for reimbursement.

fusion medical staffing perk experience
Travel life

Being a medical traveler, you get the best of both worlds. You get to work and explore new places you’ve always wanted to visit. You’re the executive decision-maker of your medical career. We’re just here to ensure you get there, and that you’re paid.

Medical Traveler Compliance & Licensure

Being a hospice travel nurse or home health travel nurse can help you become the medical professional you’ve always wanted to be, but what if your dream travel assignment is asking for certifications you don’t have yet? Fusion is here to help find the right training, licensing and certifications, as well as financial assistance, so you enjoy having the freedom steering your education and your future.

Degrees and Certifications

You’ve got licensing and certification questions. We’ve got the answers. Fusion makes getting compliant for the states you want to travel to a lot easier. Even though degrees and certifications depend on your modality and specialty, Fusion’s compliance experts work with your recruiter and the facility to make sure that you have all relevant credentials required for our traveling home health jobs and traveling hospice nurse jobs.


How does the pay work?

You will be paid a taxable hourly rate and then given a tax-free stipend for food and housing. Typically, nurses will take around $20 per hour taxable to maximize those stipends, but we are able to mix and match pay a number of different ways. Pay packages will always look different depending on the assignment, location and client.

What do I do if I don't like my new assignment?

Being a traveler isn’t just an adventure, it is also a commitment. Just like any job you apply for or contract you sign, you are committing your time. Fortunately, three months goes by pretty quickly. We will always discuss the details of the job prior to signing a contract, so you'll know upfront what you're getting into.

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