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We’ve got your solution. You need a professional to fill a leave of absence? We have someone for you. Want a quick placement immediately? Presto! We’ve got it covered. Ok — we’re not magicians, but we are dedicated to getting you the right people for the job. If you’re looking for talented healthcare professionals, we’ll send them your way.

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We’re picky

Yeah, we admit it — and we think that's completely okay. Because we’re not out to get every healthcare professional on the books. We look for remarkable talent to match the best career opportunities. If you need the top healthcare professionals in the biz, Fusion will find them for you.

We provide staff for:

Hard-to-fill positions
Census fluctuations
Leaves of absence
Staff instability
Maternity leave

We’ve got you covered

Let us know what type of staffing solution you’re looking for, and we’ll handle the hard stuff.

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