When it comes to physical and occupational therapists, you’re a member of a fully vetted, elite team. Like Special Ops, The Avengers, or the X-Men — but with in-depth medical knowledge (and still totally wearing the costumes).


I started traveling because of my love of different landscapes, cultures, people, and my love of freedom and simplicity. I've been traveling for quite a while now, and of the companies I've worked with, Fusion is far and away the best in terms of benefits, professionalism, efficiency, and personal care of their travelers.

Nathanial Cooley
Nathaniel C.



How will I know if I will make enough money?

Your recruiter will look at what you are making now and help you compare. We also will give you a full overview of the pay packages so you know exactly what is and is not included.

What states are best to travel to?

Once we get an idea of your wish list, we can show you which states would be best tailored to you. The “best” can mean many things to different people, so we will find your “best” based on your priorities.

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