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RNs and RTs who specialize in Cath Lab, Interventional Radiology, and EP are highly intelligent and totally lovable. You’re a true Lisa Simpson of the Cath Lab world. You use your brain a lot, which is always a plus when you’re working with hearts.


I have been traveling with Fusion for a year. Throughout this time my recruiter, Jenny Filipowicz, has had my back in every way possible. Having worked in many Cath Labs throughout the county, it is always a positive feeling knowing your company has your best interests in mind. I personally enjoy the "on the road life" and Fusion always has many up-to-date opportunities available that match with your credentials. I have no plans to go anywhere anytime soon!

Shawn Armstrong
Shawn Armstrong



What happens if they cancel my contract or cut my hours?

Prior to even sending you for consideration, we will discuss the call-off policy. We aim to avoid any unexpected pitfalls, and if your contract happens to be cancelled, we will reach out to clients close by to try to secure you something quickly.

Do you have all the contracts?

We have a very intentional marketing direction that involves trying to reach out to all hospitals, large and small. We want to have a large group of great clients that we have established relationships with so no matter how the market shifts, we are always consistent. We work in all states in some capacity and have strong relationships with the largest vendors as well.

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