You’re like the Navy Seals of lab teams. As a med tech or phlebotomist, you could put the NASA lab to shame. Does NASA have an elite lab unit so highly trained their process, akin to top secret, black ops style analysis? DIDN’T THINK SO.


Honestly, I love this freaking company and every single one of you fantastic whack-a-doodles attached to it! I got to see the aurora borealis light up the sky over the Yukon in Alaska. I watched Aaron Rodgers throw a 30-yard touchdown pass while I was sitting five rows from the field at Lambeau in Wisconsin. I ate an authentic Philly cheese steak while sitting on the steps of the "Rocky" statue in Philadelphia. I've spent countless hours kayaking and floating down river in Maine. I have also had the privilege of befriending some of the greatest people one could ever hope to meet. None of these adventures that I have been on over the past year could have been possible without Fusion, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Nick Dickinson
Nick D.


Traveling with Fusion has been the best. My favorite part is feeling like family — or a really close friend — when you call, even if it isn't your normal recruiter. Traveling in general is so amazing, because you find out what you're capable of and the good in humanity. My first assignment, I was spending Thanksgiving alone, and a coworker I barely knew had me over with her family. If you weren't confident in your ability to start, you will be at the end of your first assignment. You learn so many things from working in so many different facilities, and you get to experience different parts of the country! I love food, so I think it's important that you get to try tons of new foods for each area. It's also great how you walk into a building of strangers, and more times than not, 13 weeks later you walk out with great friends.

Elizabeth Arcand
Elizabeth A.


I love the travel life for the experience and flexibility. However, I love Fusion because their in-office employees and company philosophy really sets them apart. The staff I know, especially my recruiter Corey (and Jenni and Haley and Jake and Chad) are all just amazing people that make me feel part of a family. I can travel the country, take assignments when and where I want to, have awesome benefits, and still feel like I'm a member of a more traditional office. They work really hard to make each of us feel at home while on the road, and I don't think I could ever give that up.

Katie Stine
Katie S.



How much experience do I have to have as a lab traveler?

The common answer used to be two years, but more and more instances have come up where someone has been able to start traveling at 18 months or even at one year if you are a California-licensed CLS.

Do I have to be certified to be a lab traveler?

Again, it’s difficult to draw a hard line but for the most part, yes. There is the rare exception where someone with strong experience has been able to stay busy as a traveler, but it is becoming less and less common.

What are the benefits of becoming a traveler?

See the country, compensation, strengthen your résumé, and broaden experience.

Do I have to take assignments back to back?

This is something where you work with your recruiter and determine when you want to take your next assignment. We then look for assignments that work with your start date and start to try and line things up.

What is the interview process like?

With a travel job, it is all typically over the phone because it’s not feasible most times to have a face-to-face. It’s important to get a good feel for the position by asking some detailed questions on what is important to you so that you have a good idea on what you are stepping into.

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