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Make a Difference as a Endoscopy Tech Traveler

Professionals who work as part of the gastroenterology field are well versed in the human digest system, and endoscopy techs are a crucial part of this group. Your work ensures successful procedures for patients and your skills are needed in facilities across the nation.

You can live and work as a tech in the location of your dreams and get paid to do it as a traveling medical professional. You choose your next adventure as you take your skills on the road to healthcare facilities across the nation.

Interested in traveling as an endoscopy tech? Browse travel endoscopy tech jobs at outstanding facilities across the country and find your fit.

What does a travel endoscopic technologist do?

An endoscopy/GI tech, also known as a gastroenterology technologist, is a specialized healthcare professional who assists with endoscopic procedures, primarily focusing on the gastrointestinal tract. Their unique skill set allows them to play a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

An endoscopy tech is responsible for preparing and maintaining endoscopic equipment and instruments and assists endoscopy team members and physicians during procedures to ensure the overall safety and comfort of patients. Travel endoscopy techs must be well-versed in infection control standards to protect against illnesses and blood borne diseases exposure and have a strong understanding of the human digestive system.

Typical Endoscopy Tech Responsibilities:

  • Sterilize instruments for endoscopy procedures
  • Spend time preparing procedure room elements to ensure the field remains sterile
  • Provide direct patient care and post procedural care while helping patients through their recovery phases
  • Assist with biopsies or specific treatments under the guidance of a physician and endoscopy team

Choose where you go

With opportunities for travelers all over the country, we’ve selected areas with the most popular medical traveling jobs to help you find your best fit.

Advantages & Perks for Travel Endoscopy Tech Jobs

fusion medical staffing perk experience
Competitive pay
Medical travelers are competitive and financially unique to fit your tech skills and desired travel lifestyle. Did we mention that you’ll know your compensation and pay per hour upfront before you apply?
fusion medical staffing perk experience
Per diem
When you become a travel endoscopy tech, you can take advantage of the weekly, tax-free per diem to help cover daily expenses, like transportation and meals.
fusion medical staffing perk experience
You need certifications before you get on your way, traveler! Your state licenses and certification costs are covered, so you can get and stay qualified.
fusion medical staffing perk experience
Travel life
When you’re a travel endoscopy tech, you get to combine your love of travel with your ambition of your career. Plus, you’ll get hands-on experience in your field while experiencing new things in your locations as you go.

Medical Traveler Compliance & Licensure

Being a travel tech can help you achieve the career you’ve always wanted, but what if your dream travel assignment is asking for certifications you don’t have? No biggie. Your tech training, licensing, and certifications are covered with financial assistance.

Degrees and Certifications

In order to be a traveling medical professional, you need to be compliant in the states where you want to work. It sounds harder than it really is. At Fusion, you’ll get certification support in your correlating specialty (or modality). Compliance experts work with your recruiter and the facility to make sure that you have certifications preferred by employers and required to work travel endoscopy tech jobs before your start date.

Compliance Requirements

Some of your compliance requirements are the same across the board, but there are others that will depend on your specialty.

The three parts of compliance

  • Occupational health records: Required immunizations and health examinations
  • Documentation: Tax forms, insurance paperwork, and licenses
  • Testing: Certifications, online training, and workplace safety exams


What is the average salary for travel endoscopy tech jobs?

The average salary for an endoscopy technician varies based on factors like location, experience, certifications, and the specific healthcare institution. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for surgical technologists, a category that includes an endoscopy technician, was around $48,300. However, the salary range typically falls between $41,000 and $57,000.

How do you become a endoscopy tech?

To become an endoscopy tech, you must pursue a certificate or associate degree in a health-related field such as nursing or surgical technology after earning your high school diploma. You must then gain hands-on experience working on endoscopy procedures, which is crucial to becoming part of an endoscopy services team. This can often be acquired through clinical rotations during postsecondary education or through entry-level healthcare positions.

Are there any certifications a travel endo tech should pursue?

Along with being Basic Life Support (BLS) certified and maintaining other common certifications required for working in a health care setting, nurses who choose to work as an endoscopy tech can become a Certified Gastroenterology Registered Nurse (CGRN) through the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (SGNA).

Where can you find travel endoscopy tech jobs?

An endo tech can be employed in various healthcare settings where endoscopic procedures are performed, which means the field has good job security. They often work in hospitals, specifically within the gastrointestinal departments or in the endoscopy room. Additionally, they can also find employment in a digestive health center, outpatient care centers or specialized gastroenterology clinics where advanced endoscopic procedures are a routine part of patient care. Some endo techs may work in private medical practices that have the necessary facilities for performing endoscopic procedures.

Will taking a travel tech job help my healthcare career?

Taking travel jobs is beneficial because it exposes you to different regional imaging procedures and patient populations, allows you to develop excellent working relationships with other healthcare professionals, provides the opportunity to explore new specialties, and helps you gain experience learning a new clinical environment quickly. Browse the Fusion website to explore travel endo tech jobs.

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