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Make a Difference as a Travel Nurse Educator

A nurse educator plays a pivotal role in the field of healthcare, focusing on training and preparing the next generation of nurses. As an educator, you work in medical facilities and classrooms listening to your students, understanding their learning needs, and training them so that they can fulfill much needed positions around the country.

Interested in traveling as a nurse educator? Browse travel nurse educator jobs at outstanding facilities across the country and find your fit.

What is a nurse educator?

The ultimate goal of nurse educators is to shape competent, compassionate nurses capable of providing high-quality healthcare. Clinical nurse educators are pivotal in shaping the future of healthcare, bridging the gap between academic study and practical training at healthcare facilities. Aside from your teaching role, you often serve as a mentor to nursing students, providing support, academic guidance, and career advice.

Typical Travel Nurse Educator Responsibilities:

  • Design, implement, evaluate, and update educational programs and curriculum, ensuring it aligns with modern healthcare practices and standards
  • Serve as mentors and advisors to their students, providing academic and career guidance, and fostering a supportive environment to meet learning needs
  • Supervise students in clinical practice with patients, ensure students gain hands-on experience in real-world healthcare settings
  • Engage in ongoing professional development, staying updated on the latest nursing practices, research, and technologies
  • Engage in scholarly work, such as conducting research or producing publications related to nursing

Choose where you go

With opportunities for travelers all over the country, we’ve selected areas with the most popular medical traveling jobs to help you find your best fit.

Advantages & Perks for Travel Nurse Educator Jobs

fusion medical staffing perk experience
Competitive pay
Travel nurses are the backbone of medical traveling. Pay transparency means you can see what you'll actually get paid each week before you even apply for traveling nurse educator jobs.
fusion medical staffing perk experience
Per diem
Traveling nurse educator jobs qualify for a weekly, tax-free per diem that can help you cover the cost of moving, like your transportation, meals, and other expenses.
fusion medical staffing perk experience
Level-up, registered nurse. Get your state licenses and travel nurse requirements reimbursed.
fusion medical staffing perk experience
Travel life
See new spaces. See new faces. Grow and learn in your nursing career as you grow and learn in various cities all over the country.

Travel Nursing Compliance & Licensure

Being a traveling nurse educator is a great way to grow your experience and learn on the job. What if your dream travel assignment is asking for certifications you don’t have? Don’t sweat. You’ll get training in nursing and financial assistance for the cost of licensing and certifications!

Degrees and Certifications

Keeping up with the world of licensing and certification can be intimidating. Degrees and certifications depend on your modality and specialty but getting compliant for your home state and others you want to travel to is easier as a registered nurse. Compliance experts work with your recruiter and the facility employer to ensure that you have all the relevant credentials required for any travel nursing job.

Compliance Requirements

Some of your compliance requirements are the same across the board, but there are others that will depend on your specialty in nursing.

The three parts of compliance

  • Occupational health records: Required immunizations and health examinations
  • Documentation: Tax forms, insurance paperwork, and licenses
  • Testing: Certifications, online training, and workplace safety exams


Who can become a travel nurse educator?

After earning a BSN, individuals must pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) to become a registered nurse with an active license. Before moving into education, aspiring nurse educators should gain several years of experience to hone their expertise and clinical skills. This experience provides a practical understanding of the nursing profession and patient care that can later be passed on to students.

To become a nurse educator, individuals typically need to earn an advanced degree like a Master of Science in Nursing. Some programs offer an education concentration specifically designed for those who wish to teach.

Nurses with two years of nurse educator experience can apply for traveling nurse educator jobs. Depending on the specialties or the specific requirements of the facility, the required job experience could be longer.

What is the average salary for travel nurse educator jobs?

The average annual salary for traveling nurse educator jobs in the United States was approximately $74,600. However, salaries can range from about $54,000 on the lower end to over $100,000 on the upper end. Additional education, experience, and certifications can potentially lead to higher compensation.

Where are traveling nurse educator jobs available?

Traveling nurse educator jobs are available across a plethora of healthcare facilities and settings worldwide. These registered nurse professionals can find employment opportunities in nursing schools, universities, technical schools, hospitals, and community or vocational colleges.

Are there any common professional nurse educator certifications I should consider?

While not always required, many employers prefer nurse educators who have earned a certification, such as the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) credential offered by the National League for Nursing (NLN). Some nurse educators choose to pursue a Doctoral degree in nursing (DNP or Ph.D.) to further their knowledge and increase their career opportunities.

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