You’re like the Navy Seals of lab teams. As a med tech or phlebotomist, you could put the NASA lab to shame. Does NASA have an elite lab unit so highly trained their process akin to top secret, black ops style analysis? DIDN’T THINK SO.


What should I do about housing?

You’ll be given a few different options. One of your pay packages will include housing, which Fusion will find for you. The other will not include housing, so you would be responsible for finding that for yourself. We have travelers that do both — it depends on what best fits your needs.

What’s the difference between an MT and an MLT?

For most of our jobs, the only difference there is is the states that require licensures. California, New York, and Florida do not take MLTs, but they will take MTs. MTs have four-year degrees, and MLTs have two.

Is there phlebotomy?

Depending on the open position, phlebotomy is a possibility.

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